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Russian Brides: Online Dating Scams to Avoid

There are several types of Russian brides scams that prey on foreign men. Some of the more common Russian bride scams involve agencies and international marriage agencies that advertise the availability of Russian women. Other scams include Russian mail order bride scams, Russian boyfriend or Russian married women scams and Russian arranged marriages scams. Most of these agencies operate completely legally. A man approaches a legitimate agency and explains his bride problem. The agency then researches Russian women who meet the specifications mentioned by the client.

Russian Dating Scam And How To Avoid It

Most agencies will only require a deposit from the customer before they allow him to proceed to the next step. Some scammers have used Western Union as an acceptable means of payment, claiming that it is a reliable way of making a deposit. This Russian bride scams usually take place online. The Russian bride will post a profile online, stating her requirements, and if you were to pay any kind of fee, the agency would use this money to send the woman to her husband.

Another Russian bride scams takes place in the form of what is called “mail-order marriages”. The agency contacts a potential groom via the internet. In exchange for a fee, the agency arranges for the groom to get married to a woman who has contacted them via email. The next step is for the groom to send a postal or email invitation to the mother who lives in Russia.

There are several agencies which operate internationally, operating under the names of “specialists” and “agents”. These agencies often promise high levels of professionalism and guarantee that their service will make a Russian woman happy in her new home. Often times, there is no need for you to speak Russian, because the agency translator will do it for you. These Russian brides scams often involve men from other countries, as many men are interested in marrying a Russian woman.

Safety Tips For Online Dating

  • A Russian mail order brides scam also operates online. It is called a Russian dating scam. In this type of Russian brides scam, a man contacts a foreign woman, and then arranges to marry her. However, before he can do that, he needs some money upfront and gets some sort of approval from the woman. Then, he needs to arrange some things with his family in order to make sure that everything goes according to plan, and that the mother of the bride will give him all the money that he needs.
  • This Russian mail order bride scam typically works in the following way. The Russian bride goes on an online dating site, and searches for possible life partners. Then, the foreign woman contacts the would-be groom and arranges for the marriage to go through. The Russian bride then begins to work online, usually posting messages on social networking sites or sometimes even writing articles about her experiences. She advertises herself as a willing bride and arranges for the family of the groom to pay some sort of fee to the agency which she uses.

This Russian bride scams usually works through intermediaries. The family of the groom to pay some fee to a middleman, and then hands this fee over to the would-be groom. Then, the Russian woman posts information about herself online, and continues to work online, posting messages to possible suitors. This is where the Russian woman makes her money.


The Russian scams all work under the same principle, though the details may vary from one Russian bride scam to another. Either way, the Russian bride-to-be benefits greatly from her Russian bride experience and becomes hooked on the internet. She begins posting messages to people in the hopes of finding a suitable partner for life. Sadly, often times those people end up as her next victim. The best way to avoid these scams is to be cautious about the dating sites that you use, and to never pay any sort of fee to anyone for advice on Russian women.